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    The Journal of The Textile Institute?

    The Textile Institute’s Research Journal

    The Journal of The Textile Institute, first published in 1910, is one of the leading international publications devoted to research and innovation in all areas of textiles, including, science, engineering, economics, management, marketing and design.

    The Journal?is published on behalf of The Textile Institute by Taylor & Francis and 12 issues are published each year.

    The Journal of The Textile Institute publishes papers focusing on scientific and technical subjects, including fundamental theoretical or experimental investigations, developments in production processes, machinery, treatment, dyeing, finishing, testing and use in relation to all aspects of textiles including fibres, yarns, fabrics, clothing and footwear, interior and technical textiles.

    The Journal of The Textile Institute is abstracted/indexed in: Chemical Abstract Service; Coloration Technology Abstracts; Compendex; Science Citation Index – Expanded; SCOPUS; INSPEC; Polymer Library; Textile Technology Index; TOGA; World Textile Abstracts.



    For subscriptions:?click here

    For submissions:?click here

    Editors in Chief ?

    Prof X Wang CText FTI PhD Pro Vice-Chancellor (Future Fibres), Deakin University, Australia

    Dr X Chen CText FTI PhD?Reader in Textile Engineering and Materials, Department of Materials,?The University of Manchester, UK


    Prof B Ding?PhD?Vice Director, Innovation Center for Textile Science &?Technology, Donghua University, China

    Prof Ahmed El-Shafei?PhD Director, Polymer and Color Chemistry Program, North Carolina State University, USA

    Prof R Laing Hon FTI CText FTI PhD MS DipEd Acting Director, Centre for Materials Science & Technology, University of Otago, New Zealand

    Dr S S Muthu PhD Research Associate, Institute of Textiles and Clothing, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong?Kong

    Editorial Board:

    Prof Raul Fangueiro?University of Minho, Portugal
    Prof C M Carr?University of Leeds, UK
    Prof E Devaux?ENSAIT, France
    Prof Dr Fatma?G?ktepe?Nam?k Kemal University,?Turkey
    Dr T Gries?Institut für Textiltechnik, Germany
    Prof S Jayaraman?Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
    Prof Chi Wai Kan?Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
    Prof P Kiekens?University of Ghent, Belgium
    Dr P Kilduff?California State Polytechnic University, USA
    Prof I Krucinska?Technical University of Lodz, Poland
    A M Manich?CSIC Spanish National Research Council, IQAC, Spain
    Prof Majid Montazer?Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran
    Prof Abhijit?Mujumdar IIT Delhi, India
    Dr Reno Rossi?EMPA, Switzerland
    Prof S Russell? CText FTI University of Leeds, UK
    Prof Masayuki Takatera? Shinshu University, Japan
    Prof Liyuan Zhang?Wuhan Textile University, China