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    Publishing with The Textile Institute

    The Textile Institute’s portfolio of publications includes books, journals, magazines and monographs of worldwide interest. The Institute has chosen highly-renowned, globally-recognised publishers to work with to communicate essential information about high-quality research in all areas of textiles including science, engineering, economics, management, marketing and design. The TI invites authors and reviewers to work with the Institute in support of these publication initiatives and to take advantage of the opportunities they offer for worldwide recognition.

    Becoming a Reviewer for Journal Papers, Research Review Manuscripts and Books

    If you wish to be considered for entry onto the Institute’s list of approved designated expert reviewers, please send an up-to-date CV to Rebecca Unsworth: runsworth@textileinst.org.uk so that your details can be submitted for approval by the editors.

    Submitting Proposals for Journals?

    Journal submissions are handled directly by the Institute’s publishers.

    For submissions to Journal of The Textile Institute?click here

    For submissions to Textile Progress?click here

    The Textile Institute Book Series (Elsevier)?Series Editor

    Dr Rudrajeet Pal PhD MSc BTech?Associate Professor,??The Swedish School of Textiles?University of Bor?s?, Sweden


    Dr Abhijit Majumdar?PhD Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India

    Dr Roshan Paul PhD Professor, University of Beira Interior, Portugal

    Dr Sebastien Thomassey PhD Associate Professor, ENSAIT France

    Textile Institute Professional Publications (CRC Press)?Series Editors

    Helen Rowe CompTI CText FTI FHEA MSc BSc

    Prof Asim Kumar Roy Choudhury PhD MTech BSc?Principal,?KPS Institute of Polytechnic, India


    Submitting Proposals for Books

    The Institute is now inviting potential authors to submit their proposals for texts to prepare in partnership with The Textile Institute.

    We are calling for authors in the following areas:

    • Clothing Design and Technology
    • Fashion Design and Technology
    • Footwear Design and Technology
    • Business and Management
    • Fashion Marketing
    • Fashion Retailing
    • Textile Technology
    • Textile Chemistry
    • Textile Engineering
    • Materials Science and Engineering
    • Sustainable Textile Products and Eco-Textiles
    • Human Rights and working conditions of people employed within the textile industry
    • Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance within the industry (manufacturers, carriers, researchers, policy-makers), and in different geographic regions
    • Sustainability within the textile supply chain or sustainability issues within specific sectors of the textile industry, for example, fashion, floor coverings, clothing, furnishings, scientific instruments
    • Institutions, Structures and Organisations (e.g. the role played by collaborative initiatives such as the UN Global Compact) and their impact on the textile industry
    • Public Policy Implications of responsible textile production, and the role that industry plays in public policy debates on environmental, social, legal, market and governance issues
    • Building the market for ‘responsible textiles’, focusing on how the industry reflects changes in market requirements and how the industry can positively influence the market

    To submit your proposal?TI Publishing Submission