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    Why Apply?
    Many people have accomplished professional achievements and contributions which are not recognised through academic qualifications alone. The attainment of a professional qualification is the clearest way of demonstrating possession of a sound knowledge of the industry and a high standard of professional competence.

    Internationally Recognised
    TI professional qualifications are acknowledged by many national governments, as well as by employers establishing that the holder has proved their ability to practice.


    Licentiateship (LTI) –?a good level of knowledge and 1-5 years work experience?depending on route??

    The Licentiateship is covered by the European Union’s First Professional Qualifications Directive (92/51/EEC)


    Application Advice

    Application Form

    Apply Now for Licentiateship (LTI)

    Associateship (CText ATI) – a high level of knowledge and specialism in at least one area 2-10 years experience depending on route.

    The Associateship is covered by the European Union’s First Professional Qualifications Directive (89/48/EEC)


    Application Advice

    Application Form

    Apply Now for Associateship (CText ATI)

    Fellowship (CText FTI) – a major personal creative contribution?

    The Fellowship is covered by the European Union’s First Professional Qualifications Directive (89/48/EEC)


    Application Advice

    Criteria for CText FTI

    Application Form?

    Apply Now for Fellowship (CText FTI)






    Submission is by application form, which is then assessed by a Committee of academics and industrialists and ratified by the Council of The Textile Institute.


    Qualification Fees

    Applications are now being accepted for 2020. Closing dates for meetings in 2020 are:

    21 January 2020, Committee meeting 4 February 2020

    19 May 2020, Committee meeting 2 June 2020

    22 September 2020, Committee meeting 6 October 2020

    Please be aware that the Professional Qualifications department need to have received all references for the application to be assessed fully. We advise all candidates to get their applications in as early as possible.?

    Submissions received after the closing date will be presented at the next available meeting of the Professional Qualifications Committee.

    If you?require a?replacement?certificate for LTI, CText ATI?or CText FTI, contact gaffonso@textileinst.org.uk with details of when your original award was made.

    The cost of a replacement certificate is GBP£30 plus postage

    Please note we can no longer produce replacement certificates for Textile Institute examinations and Clothing and Footwear Institute qualifications


    “Craft and textiles have always been a passion of mine. ?As an orthopaedic surgeon in training, I utilise a range of textiles every day to improve human health, relieve pain and assist patients regain function of diseased limbs. ?My current research interests involve the role of surgical gowns in patient safety and the engineering of fibre scaffolds to promote bone growth. ?The Licentiateship formally recognises my work in the field of medical textiles and allows me to collaborate internationally with experts to further develop our understanding of the way in which textiles interact with the human body.”

    Holly Morris LTI

    “Martin-Baker Aircraft Company Ltd. creates safety products for the aviation industry and is best known for its dominance of the ejection seat market. Martin-Baker benefits from the TI professional qualifications programme. We use the TI qualifications to motivate and encourage our personnel to professionally develop and as an outward sign of their skills and knowledge to our customers.”

    “It truly is an honour to be recognised by the Textile Institute as a Fellow. The process of applying aided me in personally recognising my contribution over the past twenty years to the art and science of working with textiles and my role in? the promotion and creative use of textiles in aerospace engineering. Having CText FTI after my name for my official functions reminds me of my duty and responsibility to uphold the professional code of conduct in all that I do.? That CText FTI also serves as an outward indicator to my peers and clients of my expertise and is a daily reminder to personally strive for bigger and better in my textile work.”

    James Lorbiecki CText FTI
    Senior Design Engineer
    Martin Baker Aircraft Company Ltd