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    The Textile Institute’s brand is the international sign of?excellence. Through this scheme, the TI can award ‘Approved?Status’ to providers of in-house training, short courses,?on-line delivery and programmes not otherwise eligible via?the accreditation route.

    Fee Structure?

    GBP£250 per course

    Corporate Members 50% discount



    “NimkarTek offers focused online training in Chemical Management for all stakeholders in the textile supply chain. We found that there was no curriculum-based course available in chemical management. In co-ordination with The Textile Institute, NimkarTek designed a first of its kind ‘Certified Chemical Management Professional’. The course has been extremely successful and we have trained more than 80 people in this certificate course across different countries of the world. We are very happy with the co-operation and support given by The Textile Institute in approving this unique effort.”

    Ullhas Nimkar
    Chairman & Managing Director
    Thane, India


    Approved with Credit

    Similar to Approved status, the TI is also able to assign credit?to approved courses where candidates have set assessment?outcomes. This credit can then be used towards gaining?TI professional qualifications, along with demonstrating a?commitment to continuing professional development.

    Submission for all approval is by application; each course is?assessed individually to ensure that the training on offer is?of the highest standard and supports the learning needs of?people employed within the textile, clothing and footwear?industries.

    Fee Structure

    GBP£350 per course

    Corporate Members 50% discount


    For further information contact gaffonso@textileinst.org.uk