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    To Renew your Membership please login to My TI using your unique membership number and password.

    Fees for Individual Membership

    Membership subscriptions run for 12 months from the first day of the month of receipt of the application form.

    Rates for 2020, 2019 & 2018:

    • Full Subscription GB £122.00
    • Association rate (AATCC & HKITA) GB?£87.00
    • Corporate Member Students ?FREE
    • Other Students GB?£10.00
    • Retired, Graduate* (graduated within last 24 months), Unwaged?GB?£72.00
    • Earning Related Discount Rate 1 GB?£47.00
    • Earning Related Discount Rate 2 GB?£68.00

    Discretionary Rates

    Proof of circumstance and / or earnings must be provided to claim the discretionary rates.

    Unwaged: Please provide confirmation of employment status.

    Retired: Please provide confirmation of retirement status. There is no age restriction for this rate.

    Association Membership: Members of the AATCC and HKITA can benefit from this rate. Please provide proof of membership status of your association.

    ERD 1: Salary equivalent below GB £3500.00 per year

    ERD 2: Salary equivalent between GB £3500.00 and £7000.00 per year

    To claim ERD you must be a permanent resident in one of the following countries:

    EUROPE: Bulgaria, Georgia, Poland, Romania

    ASIA: Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam

    SOUTH AMERICA: Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Guatemala

    MIDDLE EAST: Iran, Syria

    AFRICA: All African countries except Libya, Mauritius and Botswana

    Fees for Corporate Membership

    Membership subscriptions run for 12 months from month of receipt of the application form.

    • Premier Corporate Membership GB?1000
    • Standard Corporate Membership GB?£700
    • Affiliate Corporate Membership* (2 current TI individual employees required) GB?£500

    *To claim the Affiliate subscription rate, please provide us with the name and membership number of 2 current employees who hold individual membership of The Textile Institute.