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    Corporate Membership allows organisations to keep up to date with what is happening in the textile industry locally, nationally and globally. This includes opportunities for potential partners for strategic alliances. Organisations gain immediate access to an International network of contacts through the TI’s extensive global network members benefit from contacts with textile professionals worldwide.?

    Corporate Members of The Textile Institute are afforded many diverse benefits as part of their membership making it useful to both Industrial and academic organisations.

    More Information on Corporate Membership:?Corporate Benefits

    ?Corporate Membership Benefit Package?Premier?Standard*Affiliate?
    ???£???? 1000?£????? 700?? £??? 500?
    Premier Services
    One complimentary place at the annual Parliamentary Lunch?
    On joining half page in TI News section of textiles the ?Institutes magazine?
    Quarterly news update in textiles magazine?
    One complimentary newsletter or update a year emailed to TI members and other databases?
    One complimentary place on one of the Introduction- Short Courses (Textiles or Clothing)?
    Unlimited access to Textile Terms and Definitions (TT&D)?
    Special recognition on the TI website?
    Promote, Network and Events
    Exclusive rights to use the TI Corporate Member logo on all corporate ID???
    Web listing – Logo, contact details, and web link will be, illustrated on the Institute website???
    Profile in textiles magazine that is distributed to a 4000 plus readership???
    Promotion of organisation events and conferences on the TI website, and other media???
    All staff to attend TI events for free or with a substantial discount???
    Use TI facebook and twitter pages to share news and promote organisation???
    Annual certificate of Corporate Membership received from the Institute???
    Sections – Take part and network at local events???
    SIGs – Take the platform and raise issues relating to specific Industry sectors worldwide???
    Access to international events worldwide???
    Information Service
    Quick enquiries from the Information department???
    Advertise latest employment opportunities via the TI website???
    20% Discount on most TI services including advertising rates and books???
    textiles magazine: Digital and hard copy format???
    List of key events and exhibitions worldwide found in textiles magazine???
    Membership Directory: In digital format – search for textiles professionals???
    Annual Report: Digital and hard copy format???
    The Journal of the Textile Institute: Digital and hard copy format???
    Textile Progress: Digital and hard copy format???
    TI News: Digital and hard copy format???
    Email Newsletters keeping members up to date with news???
    Access to Textile Terms and Definitions (TT&D)???
    *Affiliate: has 2 employees who are currently individual TI Members