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  5. Latest news

    The Textile Institute is 110 today! Our formal inauguration took place in Manchester on 22 April 1910. At that time there were 199 Foundation Members. Today we are thinking of all our members across the world and are encouraged by the support our networks bring in times such as these. Find out more…

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      Format of the Event?:?Webinar Date:?Thursday 25 June 2020 Time:?11:00 hours All members are invited to attend the 110th Annual General Meeting of The Textile Institute.?This year the AGM will be held via a Zoom Webinar. Members are asked to register their attendance at…

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    Partner & Reciprocal Events

    Date:?Tuesday 3 – Wednesday 4 November 2020 E- Textiles 2020 is an international conference on the challenges, opportunities, innovations and applications in electronic textiles that will give people from academia and industry the opportunity to discuss the exciting innovations and challenges…

    Format of the conference:?Online Date:?Wednesday 15 July 2020 Time:?18:00 hours Guest speaker Ian Morris CText FTI will speak of?‘The Power of Media to Deliver Communication, Knowledge and Training in Fashion & Textiles’. Ian will demonstrate how the use of media can be…

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